Hello all, I’m Dillon Murphy, a junior/senior in this semester’s capstone course. As a computer science major, I find the subject very interesting, providing promising career paths. This field both unique and challenging, with it’s accomplishments  being most rewarding. Personally, I am leaning towards the software development/engineering path of the major, but looking to increase my skill set in system administration and networking as I see the value in becoming a well rounded computer science professional.

I am looking forward to a class where we as computer scientists work as a group of individuals to accomplish a common goal in programming, while working with a client. After taking many CS courses, this is where our skills will be applied in a career-resembling manner, learning more about the ins and outs of the field. Learning about the project’s description has increased my interest in the course greatly, and programming an app using web development tools seems to be a valuable skill to place on the resume. Overall, I am looking forward to this semester in our capstone class, increasing knowledge and work experience greatly.

As my first blog, the setup wasn’t bad at all and the application seems to be useful for sharing ideas. I look forward to making more posts about this course throughout the year.