If you’ve noticed, GitHub offers three ways to access a repository, two with read-write access and one with read-only access. For this project, each user is granted push-pull access (read-write) so eac of us can contribute code. The two methods which provide both read and write access are HTTP and SSH.

Using HTTP you can download an application and gain access using your GitHub credentials. As a member of the project you’ll be granted write privilege with these credentials (the project is open source and therefore, anyone already has read privileges). 

The other option is to use SSH, which allows you push and pull directly from the command line. In order to do this, however, you need to copy your public ssh-key into the ssh section on your GitHub account. Once the key to your computer is in the settings on your GitHub account you’ll be able to push to the database.

Once I have some more time to sit and work on it, I am planning to provide some steps to accomplish this. I thought having the information now would be helpful for those who would like to look into it more individually.