Hello everyone,

Now that we have an open ssh port on our server, individuals can log on and look at the code structure or play around with their own development folder. Once you have a username, you should log onto the server and change your password for security reasons.

Using SSH to Gain Access to the Server

The easiest way to gain access to the server and change your password is to use SSH. If you are using a windows machine you should install putty. Once you have putty installed you can place the url in the server field and leave the port on 22. When the prompt shows up enter your username and then type your password. If you are using windows or mac, you can SSH from a terminal by typing ssh username@server and then type your password when prompted. Be aware that you won’t be able to see any characters when typing your password but it’s being entered.

Changing your Password

Once you’re logged onto the server which is running CentOS you can easily change your password by typing passwd and hitting enter. This will prompt you for the current password and then you can type your new password. Again no characters will show up but this is normal.

In Your Home Folder

You should see one directory in your home folder, which is where you can place all the files that you want to test through the web server. This is a folder that is sim linked to a folder in the webroot. In order to test any code that you place in here you can go to cstest.worcester.edu/development/your_username or simply go to cstest.worcester.edu and navigate to your folder from there.

If you have any questions, please blog about them or send out a message on the ListServ.