Throughout this capstone course, small groups worked together to create an overall project. Because of the format of the class, a method of collaboration was needed and the one that made the most since was git through github. Git allowed the teams to work individually on their parts and then merge changes to the larger effort. This way of collaboration and version control worked well to assure the fluidity of the project. The only setback associated with using git was the fact that it was a new concept to many in the class and the features were being learned throughout the course.

There is currently the initiative to introduce git in the first programming course offered as a way of working with lab partners and submitting assignments. After students learn to use git in one of the introductory courses the idea can be used throughout the college career as a means of collaboration, version control, and centralized organization. Dr. Wurst is in the process of drafting a lab to introduce git and will use it as the way submit assignments.

Version control such as git is valuable for individual development as well as large group projects and learning it early on will be very valuable throughout college and career. Personally, I’m very excited to see how the idea of introducing git early on will change the dynamic of the Computer Science major at Worcester State.