CS401, the capstone for WSU Computer Science, is a very useful class as it shows some real world applications. As a member of the server group, I was able to help set up the back-end of the project and integrate the code with a working web page. In order to accomplish this, I was able to practice my scripting, working with apache, improving git abilities, and again, finding the headaches associated with permissions. Some of the most satisfying results of the class were working with others on a large project, trouble shooting with peers, and seeing a full scale development task move from infancy to completion throughout a single course. It was a great semester and very valuable to future success.

Although the overall class was a success, there’s always some things that could have been done better. I wish I would have gone back to fix the git script, it was done so it worked and then it was forgotten about. I wish I went back and maximized the efficiency of this script. The other opportunity I wish I grasped a hold of was working with some of the html, css, and javascript of the other groups, possibly helping to debug or lend a hand when needed because I would have liked to learn a bit more of those languages.