All computer science courses up to this point have dealt with individual or small group assignments. In these assignments we began with either a complete instruction set or a template, a starting position, and an end goal. Using these assignments we have been able to learn concepts and basics which can be placed together to form larger projects.

During this capstone course we have moved away from this fairly standard model, going over a semester long project, breaking into groups, and determining different paths to take to get from point A to point B. Unlike most classes where deadlines were weekly, and assignments complete, this course featured a more abstract plan. Although updates on progress were given, the deadlines were defined by the groups and almost anything was acceptable providing the project would be completed on time.

This model is close what I’m expecting in the real world. Tasks, mostly small parts of larger projects will be assigned, and a deadline given. Based on this deadline, we will have to develop a plan, determine what course of action needs to be taken, and meet the deadline. I enjoyed that this class was like that and it has really prepared me for my future career opportunities.