Working with the Worcester Art Museum has been a good experience for working with a client and making sure a project will be complete and thorough. Throughout the course there were both some challenges faced and milestone achievements.

Most of the work I did during the semester was done in the server group so there was not as much direct interaction with Tim and WAM as most of the other groups, although there was some. The server group started by ensuring that the final project would be able to be deployed on the Worcester Art Museum’s iPads and that the project was easy to maintain. After deciding to move to a web page as the main project deployment wasn’t an issue. As it turns out, the museum has a web server where we can deploy the finished product and they can maintain it locally. With all these things established, the server group looked for ways to potentially expand, and that’s where working with a climate can be challenging.

Part of the initiative for the server group was to look into a way we could use a database to improve the features of the project. The major ideas that surfaced were to email coloured images to a provided email, save images for other patrons to view, save high scores for the puzzle, and leave comments about the exhibit. When talking to WAM about these features it was determined that databases weren’t going to be used because it added to the complexity of maintenance. This was a bit of a bummer because as a group we were really looking to contribute a front end feature instead of all back end.

In the end, it all worked out, and every thing went well. At this point we are just finishing up some final polishing and getting ready to deploy the finished project.